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e-Learning instructor & Monitor/Coaches – Work Based Learning Consortium

Sign Association of Canada and the Work Based Learning Consortium are exploring a partnership to develop and deliver a certification program for Graphic Installers across Canada. The program provides participating employers with the options of nominating both current employees and new hires to enter the program. Their trainees will receive a rich blended e-learning program accompanied by weekly e-learning instruction and relevant shop floor assignments that directly connect the e-learning content to practical tasks and processes that a Graphic Installer must be able to perform competently on a daily basis. Trainees must pass a series of exams that assess their retention and understanding of the e-Learning and then complete a series of practical assignments while being observed by our Monitor/Coaches.

WBLC is looking to contract for at least one e-Learning instructor and at least two Monitor/Coaches for the period of this April to August 2023.

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