As proposed changes to provincial sign regulations and municipal sign bylaws began to heat up in Manitoba, a new relevance for protection re-emerged in 2008.  Industry leaders from across the province knew the time had come to band together in an effort to prevent the ratification of changes that would negatively impact the Sign Industry. In February 2009 there was a reformation of the Manitoba Chapter of the Sign Association of Canada.

The Goal of the Manitoba Chapter of the Sign Association of Canada is to become a first point of contact for any regulatory body seeking to revise their signage regulations. The Manitoba Chapter will remain accessible at all times to the regulatory bodies on all levels and use our varied and extensive backgrounds to promote equitable and beneficial service as required. To promote harmony and trust between the various levels of government and the industry is paramount.

BOCSI Awards Winners and Finalists from Manitoba

Board of Directors


Helena Koop

Signex Manufacturing Inc.

Helena Koop has been involved in the sign industry since college. Working her way up through the various departments she currently holds the Vice President position. When she isn’t working, she spends as much time with her family as possible and looking for new places to travel.


Peter Maconachie

Past President
Postime Signs

Peter Maconachie has owned Postime Signs since 2009. He has been active on the Manitoba and National Sign Association boards for the past 5 years. When not working on his business, Peter likes to weekend on his boat at Lake of the Woods.


Jesse Brolly

Vice President
Electra Sign Ltd.

Jesse Brolly started working in the sign industry while in high school. He has worked on the install/service team, sales team and in 2019 Purchased Electra Sign from Ken Devine. He has 3 boys aged 10, 8 and 6 and enjoys coaching their hockey and soccer teams. He is an avid golfer, squash, hockey, and soccer player.


Keith Gibbons

Altec Industries

Keith is an account manager at Altec Industries Ltd and he is responsible for managing accounts in Manitoba, NW Ontario, and Nunavut Territory. Altec Industries Ltd is a renowned provider of products and services to various markets such as lights and signs, electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, and contractor markets.

In his free time, Keith enjoys spending time with his family and is a sports enthusiast. He is also a passionate fan of the Jets hockey team.


Brandyn Lucas

EM Plastic

Brandyn is the General Manager for EM Plastic Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and N.W. Ontario. He began his career in the car industry selling cars at the age of 18. He took over EM Plastic Winnipeg in October of 2022 and has been loving the Sign Industry ever since! He is a Father and a Husband FIRST and prioritize culture and work life balance as a leader.



June 12 - 14, 2024

YPN 2024 Leadership Conference

Expanding on the success of previous years, the 2024 Leadership Conference is set to take place in Montreal, Quebec. Reserved solely for members, this immersive three-day, two-night event is designed to embolden attendees to pursue leadership roles within the association and their respective companies.

MANSA is providing a bursary up to $1500 covering the travel costs. We encourage MANSA members to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity!


March 14, 2024

All-Purpose Site Surveys | Elevate Your Sign Installations Today!

We are excited to release SAC’s complete portfolio of 15 versatile site surveys specifically crafted to streamline various types of sign installations. You will find surveys tailored to the most common sign installations in your members’ portal. 

Our aim during the 2023 Cross Canada Road Show was to initiate a nationwide conversation and forge a foundational framework of agreed-upon standards for sign installations. Leveraging these surveys, you can amplify your business’s efficiency and bolster customer satisfaction, all while establishing uniform installation practices across the sign industry.

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