Saskatchewan Sign Association website

Mission Statement

The Saskatchewan Sign Association is committed to serving the Sign Industry in Saskatchewan in the following areas:

  • Providing effective support to the members.
  • Lobbying for effective changes where appropriate.
  • Providing appropriate training service to the members.


  • To improve upon the public image of the Saskatchewan Sign Industry.
  • To review existing legislation, regulations and by-laws and to recommend changes where appropriate.
  • To ensure that the Saskatchewan business sector is provided with the highest quality of identification systems.
  • To provide training programs and services that will meet the needs of the membership.
  • To provide harmony and a healthy competitive spirit with-in the industry.
  • To encourage open membership to all members of the industry within Saskatchewan who will help to enhance our Mission Statement and achieve our goals.

Chapter Benefits

The Sign Association of Canada is proud to present some exciting new programs and enhancements to some of our existing services in an effort to assist our members in reducing their fixed operating costs.

Learn more about Membership Benefits from SAC.


Saskatchewan Electrical Inspection Guidelines 2021

Whether you’re seeking certification clarity for educational purposes or navigating the regulatory landscape, this feature provides invaluable insights and detailed information. Empower yourself with the knowledge needed to ensure compliance and successful sign installations.

Review our guide designed to aid in understanding certification prerequisites and TSASK permit and inspection criteria for electrically illuminated signs.


Municipal Update

Changes to the City of Saskatoon Sign Bylaw

A vital component of the Sign Association of Canada and our Chapters and Regional Partners is maintaining open lines of communication with municipalities nationwide. This ensures that our members’ concerns are effectively heard and addressed while providing timely updates to our membership. The Saskatchewan Sign Association has been informed that the City of Saskatoon is making changes to the sign bylaw in Saskatoon.


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