Mission Statement

The Association québécoise de l’industrie de l’enseigne (AQIE) was founded in 1983 and remains the only recognized organization representing sign industry professionals with the common goal of establishing credible ethical and technical standards governing the field of signage.

In addition, AQIE seeks to promote, improve and develop professionalism in the Quebec sign industry as well as provide representation with various governing bodies to protect the interest of its members and their clients.

The board of directors of AQIE is composed of members elected by their peers with a mandate to recognize, follow-up and provide solutions to issues of interest and concern to sign industry members in Quebec.

AQIE is also affiliated with the Sign Association of Canada (SAC-ACE), and through SAC-ACE, the U.S. based International Sign Association (ISA), thereby establishing important ties with other Canadian and U.S. businesses, allowing for an exchange of valuable information of benefit to all AQIE members.

Member Benefits

The Sign Association of Canada is proud to present some exciting new programs and enhancements to some of our existing services in an effort to assist our members in reducing their fixed operating costs.

Membership Benefits from SAC

Who Can Join AQIE?

Sign Makers Members:
Individuals and companies involved in the design, fabrication, installation or repair of signs, or supplies products and services to Québec, and that operates in abidance with the rules and regulations of the association.

Suppliers and Distributors Members:
Any supplier or distributor of signage products, and that operates in abidance with the rules and regulations of the AQIE.

Associate Members:
Any agency, consultant or professional whose activities involve the field of signage, and that operates in abidance with the rules and regulations of the association.

Honorary Members:
Any individual to whom AQIE grants the title of Honorary Member as a mark of consideration. This person becomes a lifetime member.

Membership Conditions

Commitment to fully respect the association’s code of ethics; primarily the member’s commitment to supply products and services of high technical and aesthetic quality.

Certification from an accredited homologation organization, such as UL or CSA, in the case of illuminated sign manufacturers. If not accredited; potential members must be engaged in the certification process, by means of the association or independently.