The Sign Association of Canada is proud to present some exciting new programs and enhancements to some of our existing services in an effort to assist our members in reducing their fixed operating costs.

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Engineered Drawings

In addition to the benefits the Sign Association of Canada offers, the Atlantic Provinces Chapter has an additional program for members only. A set of Engineered Drawings is available free of charge (valid in NS, NB, and PEI). The seals can be purchased each calendar year. Form located below.

APC Golf Tournament: August 25, 2017


Electrical Certificate Training Program for Sign Service Installation Technician

The Atlantic Chapter developed the Electrical Certificate Training Program (ECTP) in conjunction with the Alberta Sign Association with the goal of providing safety education and technical training for the electrical certification of a Sign Service/Installation Technician.
An individual can obtain accreditation from the Province of New Brunswick when they have successfully completed the approved technical training.
The program training allows an SSIT certified technician to work on the electrical components of a sign that would normally be serviced by an electrician up to the point of the electrical feed to the sign. *with some limitations
The Atlantic Chapter hosts the ECTP online and once that portion of the course is complete there is a full day in person course. The course consists of hands on labs and a final examination.

NSCC Sponsor a Student Program

The Atlantic Province’s Chapter Board of Directors decided to join NSCC’s Sponsor-a-Student program, thereby not only offering students financial support but also critical on-the-job training, which we hope will lead more young talent to discovering the wide array of career choices offered by our industry. By partnering with Canada’s leading educational institutions and investing into labour development, our association is dedicated to propelling the sign industry into a future defined by innovation, responsibility, and shared success.