As part of our mission to drive sustainable standards for our industry by advocating through education, policy, and labour development, Sign Association of Canada hosts an annual Cross Canada Road Show event all across Canada.  One topic across all seven chapters and regions, leading to a national discussion.

2023 Cross Canada Road Show: Installation Rodeo

Our goal for this event is to start a national dialogue and build a foundational set of agreed upon standards, for all members to use. We begin by reviewing and building a generic site survey and identifying best practices to be reviewed prior to each job: such as, but not limited to, safety, insurance, staffing, equipment and permits. By having this discussion from coast to coast, we are looking to grow our national network of sign installers. Ultimately, our goal is that the set of agreed upon standards will improve the overall quality of installation work out there.

2019 Cross Canada Road Show


  • Live walk through of the new Pattison Sign Curriculum
  • Short presentation on ISA’s certificate courses
  • Sign Maker Tools

2018 Cross Canada Road Show: Lean Manufacturing

We discussed the following approaches:

  • overcome your production issues
  • improve your capacity to respond to client and market needs
  • contribute to greater employee empowerment and productivity
  • set the stage for future growth by offering better value to your clients
  • the strategic importance of adopting a continuous improvement approach designed to establish the foundation for growth and help your business become more competitive and profitable in the long term.


  • Aaron Clippinger, a sign company veteran and CEO of V Sign Software
  • BDC

2016 Cross Canada Road Show: The price is Right

For sign companies, estimating can be one of the most critical and at the same time frustrating components of running a business. “Winging it” might seem like an enticing option when you don’t know where to begin. But if you are not fast enough – you could lose jobs to competition or even lose money if the job wasn’t priced right. In trying to get out fast and accurate estimates, sign companies often have to sacrifice one of the two qualities. What’s worse – sometimes they miss the mark on both counts.

We discussed factors sign companies need to consider when building an estimate, shared best practices to enable you to create the most accurate estimate in the fastest time and to provide excellent customer service that keeps your clients returning time and time again.


Nick Hansen, President of Hansen Signs Ltd.

Tim Pedrick, Hi Signs The Fath Group

2015 Cross Canada Road Show: U2 to Rock Star

On May 28 to June 25, Sign Association of Canada members came together to discuss where the sign industry is today, examine the industry’s strengths and weaknesses and to have a forward-thinking conversation regarding steps that need to be taken to ensure a healthy continuity of the sign industry.

Lessons Learned