The Young Professionals Network (YPN) seeks to empower the next generation of sign industry professionals to pursue leadership positions within the association and their own companies and to provide inspiration for the next steps in their career.  Age is not a factor. If you’re in the first half of your sign industry career and working for a SAC-ACE member company, the YPN is for you!  Our task force is consistently on the lookout for driven and enthusiastic young professionals who aspire to make a meaningful impact.

Enrolling in YPN offers young professionals with a unique opportunity to build a network of likeminded sign industry peers from across Canada.

To ensure that investment into the next generation of sign industry leaders takes place on a national level, in 2022, Sign Association of Canada initiated a national YPN Leadership Conference.  The three-day, two-night conference is designed to offer insights into industry-wide best practices and facilitate vital connections that stand to enhance not just the participants’ personal professional journeys, but also benefit their current employers. The inaugural conference took place in Toronto in 2022 and moved to Edmonton in 2023. This year we will be in Montreal, QC. To take full advantage of this leadership building community join the Young Professionals Network.

Expanding on the success of previous years, the 2024 YPN Leadership Conference is set to take place in Montreal, Quebec. Reserved solely for members, this immersive three-day, two-night event is designed to embolden attendees to pursue leadership roles within the association and their respective companies. Offering inspiration for career advancement, the conference will focus on navigating conscious leadership, increasing self-awareness, and achieving clarity on personal and professional goals. In addition to the learning and development components, the event will also include networking opportunities, such as a peer exchange workshop to discuss challenges and explore new solutions, panel discussions with local industry experts and, of course, shop tours.

To ensure we have national representation at the conference, each Chapter and Region will once again provide a bursary to a representative from their Chapter/Region covering the travel costs. If you are interested in applying for the bursary, please select that option during the registration process.

A big thank you to ND Graphics for your leadership in supporting the next generation of young professionals in the Canadian sign industry by generously sponsoring the whole conference.

Testimonials from the 2023 conference:

“This is my second year going. Its great to see the growth from the previous year.  I got to see some familiar faces, catch up and make new connections and learn about myself with a full detailed disc assessment.  This will help me going forward with connecting and communicating with my guys, clients and mentors. The panel of experts were awesome to hear from and talk with as always.  The shop tours blew me away, its amazing to see what other divisions there are in the sign industry.  I’m excited to see what comes with next year!!”

– Mac Schultz, Sleek Signs

“Prior to YPN, I had little knowledge of just how big the industry truly is. Networking with people close in age who share the same passion as me was incredibly eye opening. Walking through different sign shops and seeing how much love and passion goes into our industry was exciting! A big highlight for me was seeing the neon sign museum lit up at night.

The experience as a whole is something I will cherish forever. I am beyond thankful that not only the people I work with, but the Sign Association of Canada see potential in the younger generation. They are giving us the tools and investing time into the future of signage.”

– Jayden Fradsham, DayNite Neon Signs

“The SAC-YPN conference was fantastic because we could meet, network, and learn from like-minded individuals in our industry. I enjoyed hearing about other people’s day-to-day activities and what their role in the business was. I talked to project managers, sales executives, installers, graphic designers, estimators, controllers, and business owners. It was great to see people’s passion for the sign industry throughout all levels of an organization.

– Connor Snyder, Electra Sign

By joining YPN, you get access to:

  • Networking events with industry leaders and local YPN leadership
  • Access to tailored educational opportunities and invaluable mentorship
  • Online resources for professional development, including an active chat group connected members across Canada

Why should your young talent join YPN?

Are you currently employing individuals who are just embarking on their journey in the sign industry? Are you dedicated to fostering their growth, boosting their confidence, and keeping them engaged? By ensuring their success within the sign industry, you’re inherently contributing to the growth of your own company!