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The Sign Association of Canada and its chapters contribute to the prosperity of our members by promoting and representing the interests of all stakeholders involved in the sign and imagemaking industry in Canada.

It is our goal to be the first point of contact for any regulatory body seeking to revise their signage regulations. We develop and nurture productive relationships with the regulatory bodies on all levels and use our expertise and input from our members to promote fair and enforceable signage regulatory environment.


The Alberta Sign Association’s objectives are to nurture a unified professional image, to promote the exchange of ideas between provincial and state associations, to provide representation, and to present a unified front in transactions with all levels of government.

The Ontario Sign Association represents the industry to improve legislation, regulations, code and standards, that regulate the process of manufacturing, installing or servicing signs. We provide services and benefits that will enhance the value of membership, and promote professional development.

The Association québécoise de l’industrie de l’enseigne (AQIE) represents the sign industry professionals with the common goal of establishing credible ethical and technical standards governing the field of signage. We seek to promote, improve and develop professionalism in the Quebec sign industry as well as provide representation with various governing bodies to protect the interest of our members and their clients.