UTG Digital Media (UTG) is an International Digital Award winner based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, delivering cutting-edge digital signage technology since 2004.

UTG’s indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions (LED/LCD) and touch screens deliver engaging result-driven experiences for any type of industry, worldwide.

Founded by Alan Wehbe in 2001, UTG was the first company to come up with an all-in-one digital signage solution and introduce it to the market.  Since then, UTG has been constantly developing and refining the look and design of their digital products while staying on top of the latest hardware and software technologies to deliver continuous improvement and value to customers. UTG’s portfolio includes a variety of clients in various industries: government, museums, casinos, bank institutions, arenas, supermarkets, educational establishments, corporate buildings, and chain of restaurants, healthcare, car dealership and more.  UTG also offers digital signage rental solutions for any type of event and had played a major part in Ottawa2017 events for Canada’s 150th anniversary.

In 2017, UTG won the International Digital Signage Award for an LED Staircase project in the Jewel Nightclub at the AREA Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas.  UTG was the only company in the world able to deliver on such a project.

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