For the past two years, City of Kelowna, BC, has been in the process of reviewing and rewriting its sign bylaw.

They have just released the new draft sign bylaw, which is available here: Sign Bylaw DRAFT December 2017

In the words of the Kelowna planning department, the draft bylaw takes a strong stand on signage size, placing Kelowna firmly in the category of leader in reducing signage size in the region.

They are looking to substantially reduce free-standing sign sizes from and ban electronic signs except for use by cultural, recreational and institutional organizations for the purposes of public information. The ban of EMCs for use by businesses concerns us greatly as there should be no difference between what message a recreation centre can post and what a family restaurant could post.

We will be contacting the city urging them to rethink this bylaw as it will have adverse effects on the businesses in the city.