A vital component of the Sign Association of Canada and our Chapters and Regional Partners is maintaining open lines of communication with municipalities nationwide. This ensures that our members’ concerns are effectively heard and addressed while providing timely updates to our membership. The Saskatchewan Sign Association has been informed that the City of Saskatoon is making changes to the sign bylaw in Saskatoon.

Executive Summary:

The City of Saskatoon proposes amendments to the Sign Bylaw, specifically focusing on the Sign Regulations outlined in Appendix A of the Zoning Bylaw (No. 8770). These regulations govern various types of signs within Saskatoon and have not been substantially updated since 2011, leading to outdated formatting and content.

The proposed amendments will be conducted in two phases. Phase one primarily addresses housekeeping matters and minor changes aimed at enhancing clarity and consistency within the bylaw. Phase two will entail more significant and substantive changes to the regulations. Engagement with stakeholders, including the sign industry and larger business and interest groups in Saskatoon, will be integral to both phases.

By undertaking these amendments, the City of Saskatoon aims to modernize and enhance the Sign Regulations to better align with current practices, technological advancements, and community requirements.


The sign regulations provide the requirements for various types of signs within Saskatoon. They appear in Appendix A of the City of Saskatoon’s Zoning Bylaw (No. 8770) and are separated into signage groups based on zoning districts. Substantive amendments to the sign regulations have not been undertaken since 2011. Since that time, the formatting and some of the content within the regulations have become dated and obsolete.


To access the proposed amendments to the sign regulations are outlined under the “Proposed Amendments” visit: https://www.saskatoon.ca/engage/sign-regulations-review-zoning-bylaw-appendix and click on the amendments tabs, at the top.

Next Steps

Administration will table a report at a future Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) meeting in 2024 that will provide a summary of the proposed amendments in Phase 1 and the engagement undertaken. A public hearing will then take place following the MPC meeting to enact the amendments into the Zoning Bylaw.

For more information on the changes, please click the button and review the attached document.


Zoning Bylaw – Sign Regulations Review Phase 1