Sacred Cows have an undeniable impact on our daily decision making in businesses, with colleagues, and at home.  When an organization or team is stuck with these Sacred Cows and they go unchallenged, its members close themselves off to possibilities, choosing instead to go with “how it is always done” rather than trying something new.  Oftentimes these businesses carry on as the path shifts beneath their feet.

Join us on March 8th, as our session presenter Kerri Eady, General Manager, Gemini and Breaking Barriers Task Force member, will help attendees understand what a sacred cow is and how to identify them. 

As always with our Breaking Barriers events, the presentation component of the session will be followed by conversations in smaller facilitated virtual groups where we will delve into specific examples, which will help attendees understand the concept better. By learning how to identify and challenge the things that seem immune in your organizations and life, you open the door to a new era of possibilities professionally as well as within your business.