Request for a Quote: Sign Type Drawings for the Ontario Sign Association

A key guiding objective for the Ontario Sign Association is to contribute to the operational effectiveness and viability of the sign industry in Ontario and to be the provincial voice of authority on regulatory matters. As such, along with the Sign Association of Canada’s Government Relations team, the OSA has been in discussions with City of Toronto to produce a standard set of sign type drawings, which, among other benefits, would help fast track the sign permit application process.

Request for a Quote: The Ontario Sign Association is seeking an engineering firm to produce drawings of standard sign types. These drawings would be used exclusively by Sign Association members to accompany permit applications to the City of Toronto.

This is the first step in a process whereby the City will fast track the permit process for applications accompanied by these drawings. Each drawing would be used multiple times by Sign Association members over a period of multiple years. Going forward it is likely that the number of drawings will increase.

Ideally, these drawings would form a platform for future versions of the drawings that would be used elsewhere in Ontario (we have had discussions also with other interested cities in Ontario) and Canada by the Sign Association of Canada.

Firms that wish to quote on this RFQ are requested to provide an indication of their intent to quote by 5 pm ET, March 26, 2019, to Karin Eaton. The RFQ period closes at 5 pm ET April 9, 2019.

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