Lean Manufacturing: Moving towards a culture of continuous improvement

Are you breaking even, experiencing losses despite your hard work or growing so fast that you’re having difficulty meeting demand?
If any of these situations sound familiar, register now for the 2018 Cross Canada Road Show, presented by the BDC (in a few cities), where we will discuss approaches that will help you to:

• overcome your production issues
• improve your capacity to respond to client and market needs
• contribute to greater employee empowerment and productivity
• set the stage for future growth by offering better value to your clients

We will discuss the strategic importance of adopting a continuous improvement approach designed to establish the foundation for growth and help your business become more competitive and profitable in the long term.

April 10, Winnipeg, MB – Manitoba Sign Association; Presented by the BDC
April 12, Saskatoon, SK – Saskatchewan Sign Association; Presented by the BDC
May 17, Dartmouth, NS – Atlantic Provinces Chapter
May 30, Edmonton, AB – Alberta Sign Association; Presented by the BDC

September 21, Mississauga, ON – Ontario Sign Association Click here for details

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