We have heard complaints from many members in the Atlantic region that the permit process in Halifax is slow and complex. We have reached out to them on multiple occasions over the past number of years, and staff seem keen to improve the process but to date progress is limited. We have the impression that the department is understaffed and overwhelmed by paperwork due to the complexity of the process.

Sign companies require multiple permits when installing or servicing a sign in the downtown core while other industries (e.g. utilities) are not being asked for the same permits. It is costly and time consuming for sign companies.

Our objective is to amend the regulations to consolidate the permits to install a sign (streets and services, encroachment plus the sign permit) and to have an annual permit for sign contractors maintaining signs instead of applying for a new permit each time. 

The Chamber of Commerce supports our position, and Chamber CEO joined SAC President Justin Boudreau in a meeting with HRM March 13. At this meeting, further representations to fix the issue were made by HRM.

Plans for 2019: Keep up the pressure and continue to work with the Chamber to support our efforts. Work toward eliminating multiple permits and amending the regulations to fix these issues.

For more information, contact Laine Atkins: laine@​sac-ace.​ca