Join us for caffeine, connections, and top-notch coaching at the Breaking Barriers “Refuel Your Soul” session, where we will discuss how to amplify your voice, visibility, and influence in the workplace.

For women in male-dominated industries, it’s easy to follow a masculine model for communication and leadership success; and, as a result, forget how to use your own authentic voice and style.
Enter Alexia Vernon, Founder and President of “Step Into Your Moxie”, author, leadership coach, and award-winning speaker, who has guided thousands with her proven methods of effective communication by teaching others how to silence their inner critic. In her video presentation, Alexia will help you discover words, phrases, and questions that empower you to bring your own authentic voice into your presentations, pitches, feedback, and other critical conversations, so you can have the confidence your need to make a big impact. Afterward, take what you’ve learned, and apply it to the real world with practice!

We’ll be serving coffee, tea, juices, and an array of breakfast treats to give your brain the fuel it needs to build lasting connections in this safe place to share. And, as a special bonus – in line with our commitment to learning – 30 lucky attendees will be randomly selected to get a FREE copy of “Step Into Your Moxie” by Alexia Vernon!